In conjunction with 97.1 ZHT, every year Hadfield Dental Care gives back to the community through a contest called The New Grill for the New Year. Contest details are usually available on 97.1ZHT’s website in December or January.

“I look forward to this contest every year, but especially this year where so many people have seen harder times due to the current pandemic. I’m trying to help anyone who has been negatively impacted both in my practice and in the community and doing the New Grill for the New Year is one of the ways I can do that. One of the most rewarding parts of my profession is seeing how past contest winners have changed for the better after receiving their treatment. I’ve learned that providing the gift of dentistry dramatically improves both smiles and lives and I am honored to be a part of that” – Dr. Randal Hadfield

2022 New Grill Contest


How has Hadfield Dental changed my life? In too many ways to count, more than just my smile. I was a young child when my bad oral hygiene first started. We had no house let alone a toothbrush. I then became a teenage mother, at 16, Before I even had any wisdom teeth, my body was feeding my growing child, and less worried about my body. I had 3 kids in a row, yeah major damage on my body and teeth. I had several teeth pulled, many decaying beyond repair. In 2017 I went to 2 other dentists for advice on my teeth, They both told me I needed to pull all of my teeth and go with all on 4 implants. I was defeated. I gave up, daily brushing and no smiles were my future. However, I was entered into the New Grill for the New Year that Dr. Hadfield’s office so graciously gives out to one blessed individual. This year that was me. I won, but my excitement quickly turned to fear that I was going to have all of my teeth pulled, Boy was I wrong and worried for no reason. Dr. Hadfield and his team brought me in and treated me like their family. I was welcomed with smiles. I was not scoffed at. After looking he said, Hey this ain’t that bad, I was shocked. What? He informed me we needed to pull no teeth. Not one. That he could put caps on each one. And in fact, my bottom teeth are just stained! Wow, was I happily surprised by the news. It was nothing I had heard before. Needless to say, after just 3 short appointments, I had the smile of my youth back. With like literally no pain, just the distress of your head hearing the drills. They were so gentle and I now smile all the time. My daughter is so happy and always tells me, “Hey mom, tell me something that makes you smile.” I feel more confident and happier that I can share the love and joy that my smile creates with the ones I love the most.

2021 New Grill Contest


I’m so grateful for Dr. Hadfield’s team of kind, and compassionate professionals. From the second I walked until I walked out, I knew I was taken care of. Dr. Hadfield gave me more than my smile, he gave me my life back.

2020 New Grill Contest


A life changing journey, filled with professionalism, skill, love and support by entire staff of Hadfield Dental. A special thank you to Dr. Hadfield. I’m so blessed and grateful to say I’m the 12th winner of the “new year, new grill”. This “New Grill” gave me my life back, not only my confidence in myself but my ability to speak and eat properly. It gave me the motivation to take back control of my diabetes. As well as something I didn’t even know I was missing in my life was the ability to simply read a night time story to my child. Hadfield Dental is best dentist I’ve ever been to and the one I’ll continue to see from here on out. If you have dental issues, I highly recommend to schedule that appointment, they work miracles where many see no hope. My love and thanks to you all!

2019 New Grill Contest


2018 New Grill Contest


From all the amazing hard work that Dr. Hadfield and his team have put in, I now have the most incredible smile that one one could ever ask for. I am proud to smile in all my pictures, I am confident when meeting new people, I am no longer in pain. Winning the “New Grill” contest has been absolutely life changing. I don’t think many people understand what an impact your teeth really have on your life in so many aspects. I am truly blessed and so grateful for the opportunity that I was given. Thank you, Dr. Hadfield and staff, without you in my life my life wouldn’t be okay. Thank you for changing my life forever

2017 New Grill Winner


I’m 28 years old mother of 8 year old twin girls. I started having problems with my teeth during my pregnancy when they would chip and break while eating. I got to the point where I didn’t smile and had trouble talking to people for fear of them staring at my missing teeth. I would always avoid pictures because I was embarrassed to answer the question “why don’t you smile?” I am so grateful to have a beautiful smile to show off to the world but most importantly to my girls who thought I didn’t smile because I was not happy. Dr. Hadfield changed my life!

2016 New Grill Contest


I don’t think that I can ever thank Dr. Hadfield and his team enough for all they have done for me. My life will never be the same. I’m so appreciative for all they have done for me, always making my comfort their first priority, and never making me feel any sort of judgment for the calamity known as my mouth. I went in thinking I was going to get a new smile and really got a second chance at life. I am forever grateful they picked me to go through this experience with them. Their generosity knows no boundary. I look forward to showing them where this path they’ve gifted me is headed, not only saving my life, but improving lives around me.

2015 New Grill Contest


If you know me, you know that I love life and I love to smile but for years my smile was shadowed by pain, pain as I would watch the expressions on people’s faces change from excepting me to that all too familiar look, what is wrong with her? It would break my heart each time. I had long ago lost the ability to eat my favorite foods. I’d try on occasion to eat a chip or a nit but would end up cutting my gums or getting it stuck between the only two teeth I had left, it never turned out good. Every day of my life I am thankful for this amazing gift from a man with a heart bigger than the state of Texas! Dr. Hadfield you are and always will be my hero, you have changed people’s lives, give them hope and a reason to smile.

You can see my “thanks” when I smile at the people I meet and they smile back. You can see my “thanks” as I enjoy my favorite meal. This beautiful gift you have given me has been infectious. You spread the joy to my friends and family and my beautiful daughter who entered me in this contest, well you filled her heart with love.b One friend posted, “please vote for Carmen she deserves this and I need something positive to happen in my life” You made her wish come true. aThank you from the bottom of my heart for all the long hard hours you spent to help me and give me a reason to smile again!

2014 New Grill Contest


My whole experience, getting my teeth fixed has been a life changing experience. For years I could not eat properly, I could not eat fresh vegetables, nuts and a lot of other things, for lack of teeth to chew with. I wore a temp plate in my upper mouth and it did not fit properly and looked horrible. Dr. Hadfield and his talented team fixed all my problems. I can eat properly and healthy now. I am no longer in terrible pain all the time. They were always concerned with my comfort and if I had any questions. I could never express all the gratitude that I have for this experience.

2013 New Grill Contest


I just wanted to thank Hadfield dental and all the staff for everything they have done for me this year. At the beginning of last year my life was changed when I became the winner of the new grill for new year 2013. All my life I have had teeth issues and was always getting tooth aches as well as not being able to eat certain foods because of missing teeth. Dr Hadfield changed that all for me. I now have all my teeth that are perfect in every way. My confidence is better then ever and I feel like everything is gonna change for me. It has been a life changing experience and the only downside to this whole thing is I wont get to see the staff as often as I did anymore I consider them all my friends and will always do so. Thank you Dr. Hadfield you and your staff you all are truly amazing people and change lives!!

2012 New Grill Contest


Winning the New Grill Contest and getting my teeth fixed means the world to me for so many reasons… First and fore most, my health. My health will improve in so may ways! Also, to have a smile will be amazing! It has been a little over ten years since I was truely able to smile and be confident with myself. My two kids have never seen their mom have a heart felt, true smile and they are pretty excited to see it as well! Having a new smile will give me the self-esteem I have been lacking due to having bad teeth! This is truely a blessing and I am so lucky to have this chance at a new smile. I can’t thank Dr. Hadfield and the girls for all they do!

2011 New Grill Contest


How many times a day do you hear someone say ‘smile’? I hear it all the time every where I go, from the same gas station I stop in every morning to random people I meet. ‘Smile it’s not that bad’. If they only knew the torment I deal with everyday regarding my teeth, from the constant pain and continuous supply of ibuprofen (which I’m sure can’t be good) to the reacurant dreams I have almost every night about my teeth crumbling one at a time until I’m toothless. It wasn’t always this way, eight years ago I had beautiful teeth. I never thought about how how my simle effected my life at all, now it’s all I think about. It’s been pretty rough the past few years on me and my children (I have four). It all started in 1999, I was a single mother going through a divorce, I came home from work early to find our house burned to the ground. We were homeless. After getting through that very hard time and thinking that the hardest times were behind us two years later I got sick.

In 2002, I had a simple out patient surgery and contracted Mersa infection. This one surgery turned into twelve more surgeries in a period of four years. Each surgery they would go in and remove tissue in hopes of getting the infection under control, the wound was left open so it could heal from the inside out. When this wasn’t working, they inserted a vacuum which I had to carry everywhere with me. Each time they thought they had it under control it would spread.

Like I said I am the sole care taker of my children and had to be away from them, my littlest would cry and say ‘I want to go to mommie’s house’. She thought the hospital was where mommy lived. I finally found a great doctor and with his help got better. Unfortunately, I was on so many medications they placed a subclavian line directly into my heart, these medications were so harsh I would vomit upwards of twenty times a day and between the two this wreaked great havoc on my teeth. Winning this contest has been the biggest blessing for me and my family. Thank you so much Dr. Hadfield and staff!

2010 New Grill Contest


I always hated my smile. It has been the only thing in my life that I haven’t been confident about. I hated getting pictures taken because people would always want me to smile bigger than I wanted to and I would always worry about what the pictures were going to look like when they came back. Winning the smile contest is probably the one thing that has changed my life more than anything other than my wife and kids. Now when I smile I don’t feel worried or embarrassed. Everyone around me has noticed how much more I smile and they are all amazed at how good It looks now. When I as married back in April, I had just begun to get used to having a nice smile, and it meant the world to my wife that I smiled in every picture. Thank you so much to Dr. Hadfield and the staff for everything and for giving me and my family this smile.

2009 New Grill Contest


Less than a year ago I was the guy standing at the back in the shadows at the BBQ’s and get-togethers. I was afraid to laugh and kept my mouth hidden at all costs. I constantly had my ugly teeth in the back of my mind – If I eat this, will another tooth break? If I eat that, will another one fall out? I was the guy using frequent cigarette breaks as an excuse to get away from the scrutiny. I had no idea that within a matter of months I would find myself sitting in Dr. Hadfield’s office, reading a letter from my wife that had won me the most phenomenal gift I could ever ask for – a new smile. Its really hard to put into words just how much the gift of a beautiful smile has changed my life. Not only did Dr. Hadfield shatter my lifetime fear of dentist’s with his support and kindness, but I can now enjoy my favorite foods again. I can’t even begin to tell you how much this new smile has improved my self confidence. My efforts would fall short at expressing just how much it has changed my life. Dr. Hadfield was amazing, and I am forever grateful for my new smile.

2008 New Grill Contest


I have a new boyfriend, and am receiving looks that I have never received before. Its so exciting for me. I am also going back to school and received a raise at work. I feel happy and healthy! Having my teeth fixed inspired me to quit smoking, watch what I eat and now go to the gym. I am able to smile with confidence like never before.. needless to say, my life has changed forever