"My name is Ryan Romero and I am a real person. I chose to write this because I want to share my story with everyone who hates dentists and for those people who are petrified to go see one. That was me two months ago. For the last 20 years I was the guy who would wait until my tooth got so rotted out that I coudln't stand it anymore. I would then force myself to go in and have a root canal and crown. This I thought was good because 1- I hated the dentist, and 2- I wouldn't have to deal with that tooth anymore, thus I would shorten the times I would have to go into the dentist. Needless to say, prior to two months ago, I had already had 5 rootcanals and 4 crowns. I listen to 97.1 zht and I heard several commercials on the morning show about an awesome dentist, Dr. Hadfield. I decided to go to the dentist office and have all of my dental work done in one day because I would not feel or remember any of it. To make a long story short, today I don't have any cavities, my teeth are white, and they are clean! Everyone at Hadfield Dental Care is amazing! I love that office. They helped me take better care of my teeth, they helped me overcome my fear of the dentist, and they changed my life forever. I now live in California, but I can tell you that when I have to get any work done, I will be going to Dr. Hadfield. I actually am looking forward to going to get my teeth cleaned for the first time on my own."

- Ryan